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Contactless Authentication the Next Authentication Model..

#ContactLess Authentication, i.e QR /Bar code, Facial, Iris etc to be the next Secured Authentication factors. Prerequisites for it to be secure will be #Tokenisation, #Encryption and #RegisteredDevice/Platform services. Why do I need to enter password on the #browsers, the camera can authenticate me through my face + An OTP at my mobile number. Or… Continue reading Contactless Authentication the Next Authentication Model..

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Bharat QR Code and Payments

BharatQR code will DISRUPT the PAYMENT system by reducing the Merchant and Banks' investment in Payment acceptance INFRASTRUCTURE. Indeed a great move however now Merchant (Offline retailer) Acquisition doesn't remain an ASSET anymore. Can we imagine that we can make purchases on the move and find QR codes on Metro, Railway, Bus Stations, Airports etc… Continue reading Bharat QR Code and Payments